On tour with us

We wouldn't mind defining leadership, outdoor life, group processes etc. using words and theories to make it sound philosophical, deep and a bit incomprehensible. But we prefer to use theories practically in everyday life. We focus on why and how we are doing something, how it is done and where it all leads. Reflection and evaluation are imortant tools at the Outdoor Academy. We challenge our students on many levels to exceed their comfort zones when it comes to the self, the group and the activities. 

Our mission is to enable the right challenges in relation to your experience. As instructors, there is actually not much we possibly can teach you. You must learn yourself, it is for us as your instructors to take the responsibility for the conditions and prerequisites. We assure that the water is warm enough for you to practice your eskimo rolls and cold enough for you to learn about ice safety. But it is for you to roll and it is for you to brake the thin ice to learn. We are there to ensure the framework you need to challenge yourself.  

Your own group is the best environment for learning to understand yourself and others. This is something we have seen over and over again. Now a hint for an excercise in character: bring together a group of Nordic young adults, to travel in minibuses around 20 000 kms per year, to have them staying for some time in small fell cabins, or better still in tents outside, to pull sleds loaded with gear, to agree on which way the map should be held, to learn to appreciate each others favorite foods, to learn to identify each other on the basis of the smell and to share the last peace of chocolate. 


Your role

The basic criteria for coming to do the first year on NFL is that you are at least 18 and able to swim. You have a significant interest in outdoor activities and will not hesitate to spend several nights in a row in a tent, even if you wouldn't get a shower every morning. You are also interested to get to know your classmates and willng to meet new challenges almost every day. Moreover, you must cope with xx hours in a minibus on our tours around the Nordic countries. 

To gain maximally from the first year you should be active and take advantage of the opportunities given. Doing this, you will get a rewarding intermediary year or a solid ground of outdoor experience for further studies in the field.

Continuing to the second year, your heart really burns for this and you look forward to working with outdoor activities and feel the joy of sharing it with other people. You now participate actively in tour planning, leadership, decision making, evaluations etc. You are ready to meet challenges, perhaps make mistakes, but be back again to improve the skills you will need to work as a professional.

You will go on sitting in the minibus, feeling the smell of your mates and living the life out of a backpack. But you will also be in a position to develop a personal business idea or to look around for chances to be employed by one of the facilities in the outdoor industry.