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Outdoor Academy is an educational concept based on the Nordic outdoor tradition and developed in Kronoby in Finland. Full time training programs for adults (from 18 years) are offered by Kronoby Folkhögskola. The Nordic countries form our field of action, our cooperation partners can also be found in this area.

You can choose between the one year program NORDISKT FRILUFTSLIV (NFL) and the two year program NORDISK FRILUFTSGUIDE (NFG). They follow subsequently so that after completing the first year on NFL, you can apply for a second year of continued studies on NFG.

Kronoby (situated between the towns of Kokkola and Pietarsaari) is the administrative center where theoretical parts of the education are mainly arranged. However, the programs include a considerable number of days and nights "on the road", on tours in Finland, Sweden and Norway.