The Multicultural Language Course

At Kronoby Folkhögskola there has been education in Swedish as a second language since the autumn of 1989. 

The language course offers full-time studies in Swedish or Finnish at beginners’ level and continuation level. The courses start in August and end in May. Classes run from Monday – Friday, 9 am – 2 pm (5 h at school + 2 h of homework/day).

The studies are free for students with integration assistance from the TE Office.

Students themselves must pay for their books.

Social studies, history and mathematics are included in the language studies, as well as optional subjects/activities such as sports, arts, handicraft, photography, English and basic computer class. We provide the students with personal guidance for continuing studies and work opportunities. The students also partake in practical work for 2-4 weeks per year. We cooperate with other programs at Folkhögskolan as well as with other educational institutions in the region.




Alphabetization course - level A0

Swedish for beginners -level A1 – A2

Swedish for continuation students – level A2 –B2


Finnish for beginners – level A1 – A2

Finnish for continuation students – level A2-B2